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claimacomic's Journal

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Welcome to claimacomic. You know the drill, it's one of those claims communities, only these deal with funny people, stand-up comedians, sketch comedians, or just people you think are funny. I'm Sarah, girlinthehall, your friendly moderator. Want to claim a comic as your own? Read the rules, then get claiming!!

1) You must first join the community before you can claim a comic.

2) Be sure to check the claims list before claiming.

3) Please post an entry for your claim. No claims from notes will be accepted.

4) One claim per person. Sorry, no sharing! :-)

5) You can earn another claim by linking to the community in your user info. You can earn two extra claims if you make some sort of cool banner or user pic for the community.

6) Because your mod is technologically unadvanced to the extreme, five claims will be handed out to the person who can come up with a better user picture than I can.

7) You can claim characters that comics have developed, or shows or movies that a comic has been on. Just make sure you specify which comic you're referring to when you claim it. (For example, someone can claim Eddie Izzard, someone else can claim Eddie Izzard's James-Mason-As-God impression, and someone else can claim Velvet Goldmine, a movie Eddie was in.)

8) You may claim a friend or someone you know, but please make sure they have an LJ.